You have to show it to sell it

Western NY has one of the strongest real estate markets among the country’s declining areas. In WNY there are many choices when you buy real estate. One of the biggest reasons why a property does not sell besides price is accessibility.  Yes it is hard to believe that there are sellers that want to sell their property but won’t show it! Getting in to show these properties takes an act of congress.  If you are one of these sellers you need to know this; you will be inconvenienced, you will have to bend your day to day routine a little, and you will have to keep your home clean and hopefully debris free.  This is Real Estate 101. It would be like trying to sell a car that never gets test driven.  Accessibility is one of the most overlooked keys to selling real estate. You have to allow potential buyers in whenever you can.  You will have a better chance of not only getting an offer but the ability to gain important feedback from other agents and their clients that could affect the marketability and sale of the property going forward.

If you are selling a multifamily home then you have some work cut out for you dealing with showings and tenants can be a challenge.  If the owner has the opportunity to look into the future when a lease is signed they should put a clause in the lease stating that in the event the owner chooses to sell and market the property landlord or agent will give 24 hour tenant notification of showing and acceptance will be assumed granted.  The terminology may vary and tenants have the right to object during certain circumstances(consult your attorney) however the point being that the biggest mistake a seller can make is letting the tenants dictate showing, because guess what they never will allow any. You need to ask yourself if keeping the tenant is worth losing the sale!  When investors look at income producing properties they look at a several properties at a time and if they cannot gain access to one of them, they skip it and move on.

If you have a true desire to sell your property then be prepared to be inconvenienced but it will be worth it in the end.


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