You must Stage!

Besides pricing your home, staging it would be the next most important thing.  I have been through hundreds of homes that could be presented so much better.  They say a picture is worth 1000 words so you imagine the impact of 25 photos online representing your home. 90% of the buyers look and identify their likely purchase online.  It is very important for your listing agent to hold a property listing until the home is properly staged.  Proper staging can be as simple as de-cluttering or as involved as repainting the whole house. What is important to remember is that the way you market a home may not be the way you live in it.  You may be inconvenienced for a time and have to adapt to a different type of living in the home.  Coldwell Banker has an interior designer to help with furniture, colors and fixtures and a handyman to help implement the larger changes or updates.  The key to successful marketing of a home is NOT to rush it and to make sure that time, thought and expertise is applied. 


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